Community Outreach for West Village Phase C (Tower 3)


Phase C ( Tower 3 )

West Village Towers

On behalf of our client Cidex Developments, NORR is pleased to submit a revised DC Land Use for the West Village site located between 8th and 9th Avenue SW and 10th and 11th Street SW. The previous Land Use, DC 115D2014 did not include incentive bonus provisions for this site. The new modified DC land use would add these bonusing provisions to bring the existing site up to par with other comparable developments in the west end of downtown and align the site with the bonus incentive criteria of the adjacent CR20-C20/R20 District.

The primary purpose of adding these bonusing incentives would be to enhance the public realm along the 8th Avenue pedestrian corridor and recognize the existing qualities of the development in the final phase and third tower. Tower location has not changed from prior submissions.


Proposed enhancements to the public realm include the following:


  • NE corner (8th avenue and 10th Street) public arrival plaza with artwork/sculpture, seating/gathering areas and enhanced night lighting.
  • Pedestrian enhancements including an interior pedestrian arcade/market along the 8th avenue pedestrian corridor.
  • “Foothills elevational motif” along 8th Avenue creating a strong base for the mountain-themed architecture and enhances the pedestrian experience.
  • Activating the 8th Avenue corridor with retail and plaza offerings.


In addition to these enhancements, the project also would be recognized for the following:


  • Recognition of three-bedroom corner units in all tower phases.
  • Recognition of distinct building crown lighting.
  • Recognition of high quality distinct “gateway” Architectural expression.


 Utilizing all the above-mentioned enhancements and improvements the DC zoning would then allow for an additional 1.5 FAR bringing the third tower in line with the height of the first two towers. We believe the additional density in this location makes infinite good sense and the extra FAR suggested is supported by additional parking as well. The proposed DC zoning allows for less density than the adjacent CR20-C20/R20 district which is appropriate in this perimeter location. Shadowing of the existing Millennial Park to the west is also protected under this bylaw.

Town Hall

Please join us for an informative discussion on the proposed land use changes to the West Village Site.

When:  April 10th  2023

Time: 6:00 pm -7:00pm

Where: 895 10 Street SW, Calgary Alberta


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